Rich Lemonds Vietnam Photos

Rich Lemonds was with the 46th EBC in Vietnam in 1967. Thanks to Rich for sending these photos.
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1. Erecting Hooches 92nd EBC HQ CO.
2. 46th EBC laterite pit
3. 92nd EBC HQ Co.
4. 92nd EBC Bat. HQ

5. Binh Hoa Street
6. Binh Hoa Traffic
7. Bob Hope Christmas Long Binh
8. Fire station #2 Long Binh

9. 92nd EBC HQ Co. Motor Pool
10. Heavy Crane
11. Material Yard 92nd EBC
12. Hueys & Slicks

13. Long Binh
14. Mamasan Weed Detail 46th EBC
15. Hooch Mamasan 92nd EBC HQ CO
16. Ol' Nellie Bell 92nd EBC

17. Orphanage
18. Out of the Mud 92nd EBC
19. RVN Soldier
20. Old US Embassy Saigon

22. USARV HQ from 46th Water Point
24. Spec4 Richard Lemonds 46th EBC Material Yard
25. Long Binh Jail (LBJ)